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Mainstream mood myth BUSTED by breakthrough ‘happiness hack’

If it’s been awhile since you felt TRULY happy

Or if you’ve been feeling occasionally sad… or just not quite like yourself

You’re not alone. And there’s NOTHING wrong with your brain or “mental health.”

As you get older, your body’s levels of a certain mood-boosting chemical start to dwindle.

Once you fix that ONE thing…

You could BREAK FREE from those occasional dark thoughts… BANISH “the blues”… and say goodbye to being “down in the dumps.”

Fortunately, there’s a new breakthrough that RESETS your brain and mood

And in as little as one week… it could DOUBLE your happiness!

You DESERVE to feel optimisticrelaxed… and content.

Here’s how to get started.

DOUBLE your happiness… starting in 7 days?

Now, I know this isn’t what you may have heard before.

You might’ve been told that it’s “all in your head”… or that you should just “snap out of it“…

But brand-new science could finally explain why all that mainstream advice has NEVER helped lift your mood.

It all comes down to addressing the PHYSICAL root cause of why you feel sad in the first place.

Serotonin is known as “the happy hormone” because the more of it that reaches your brain… the happier you feel.

But the mainstream has been getting their serotonin science all wrong

Because just a small amount of this “happiness chemical” is produced in your brain.

Here’s the SHOCKER: A brand-new report published by the California Institute of Technology shows that 90% of your body’s serotonin is created in your BELLY.

But your gut needs the right raw materials to make that happen.

And that brings us to the breakthrough “brain reset” I just mentioned…

It’s called SerenBalance

And it comes from HSI advisor Dr. Richard Gerhauser and his team at Solaire Nutraceuticals.

Its star ingredient works by activating an important amino acid, called tryptophan – and that activation helps jumpstart your serotonin levels.

In one clinical study, people who took this “tryptophan trigger” reported feeling…

  • LESS stressed
  • MORE relaxed, and
  • MORE positive and excited about the future.

In fact, they were TWICE as happy as they were before!

Now, those STAGGERING results would be enough on their own to make SerenBalance a showstopper

But Dr. Gerhauser ALSO added an ancient, mood-boosting spice to help “supercharge” his new formula.

One study showed that participants who took just 30 mg of this spice over the course of three weeks felt happier… and more relaxed, confident, and “at ease.”

Plus, according to another study, this ancient spice starts working in just 7 days.

That means you could help RESET your mindBOOST your mood… and feel more hopeful and excited for your future

In as little as ONE WEEK.

SerenBalance contains BOTH this “spice secret” and the “amino acid activator”… and in clinically studied doses.

Are you ready to see how tomorrow could look MUCH brighter than today?

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