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[Attn Former Smokers] Could this make your lungs almost 60% STRONGER?

If you used to smoke… and you’re thinking about your lungs…  

This could be your second chance. 

It doesn’t matter if you smoked every day since the ’60s… and only just quit yesterday. 

Whether you were an occasional smoker or smoked a pack a day… there’s a new “miracle pill” you need to know about.  

It could help you RESTORE the healthy, pink lungs you used to have 

And it could take just SIX WEEKS. 

It doesn’t require a prescription. And it doesn’t have a SINGLE known side effect. 

Imagine clearing your lungs, so you can enjoy deep, full breaths and STOP dwelling on your lung health. 

It’s not a dream… 

So, get ready to SHOCK your doc with your AMAZING transformation. 

When the smoke clears… 

Award-winning MD and HSI Advisory Panel member Dr. Richard Gerhauser has just announced a new breakthrough that’s a miracle for anyone who used to smoke 

It’s called Respinox 

You could get back the healthy lungs you had when you were younger. 

In fact, this new “miracle pill could give you BRAND-NEW lungs in 42 days! 

That means when you’re on a jog around the neighborhood… you WON’T feel out of breath!   

This new breakthrough works by opening up your airways and making your lungs stronger and healthier 

You’ll feel like your lungs have been RESTORED… from the insideout! 

And, in a way, they HAVE been – thanks to a key ingredient in Respinox 

It’s a health-giving extract from a rare plant in Asia that’s been known for its restorative powers for 2,000 years… 

And the scientific evidence behind it is ROCK SOLID. 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on real people (the “gold standard” in modern research), Israeli researchers discovered how this rare plant extract could:

  1. IMPROVE breathing by 57% and 
  2. EXTEND endurance by 40%. 

In fact, it works SO well… it could help you achieve healthy lungs equal to a fit 43-year-old! 

Results like that could be LIFE-CHANGING. 

So… why haven’t you heard about this Asian extract… or the study out of Israel I just mentioned? 

Because the media IGNORED it! 

And former smokers like you have been kept IN THE DARK ever since. 

That stops right now, thanks to Dr. Gerhauser’s new breakthrough 

Respinox contains a potent, high-quality version of the rare plant extract I just told you about. 

More importantly, this lung-restoring breakthrough provides it in the SAME dose as what’s been clinically studied. 

And with the addition of a SECOND ingredient, Respinox is the most complete lung-restoring formula on the market. 

Known as “nature’s antioxidant,” this miracle has been shown to REDUCE cough by 52%. 

That’s right – you could SLASH your coughing fits IN HALF! 

Imagine the restful sleep you could get… WITHOUT waking up coughing all night, every night. 

If you’re ready to say “goodbye” to your lung concerns, you can get Respinox right now. 

It comes from Solaire Nutraceuticalsa small, family owned company that Dr. Gerhauser works with as its Chief Medical Advisor 

Unfortunately, they’re only able to produce Respinox in small batches 

Which means supplies are EXTREMELY limited. 

They’ve set aside a small reserve just for eAlert readers – but you’ve got to claim your bottle before they run out. 

P.S. You don’t have to wait to get Respinox from Solaire Nutraceuticals — they’re just waiting for you to tell them where to send it!