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SCRUB your arteries clean with this blood flow breakthrough

This week, I’m stepping aside so that HSI Advisory Panel member Dr. Richard Gerhauser can share one of his medical breakthroughs with eAlert readers. Get ready to go with the flow! – Melissa Young  

The key to healthy aging starts with circulation. 

It’s this constant flow of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your heart and brain that keep them healthy and working properly. 

And for good circulation – the kind that will help keep you young and healthy – you need clean, clear arteries. 

That’s why your goal should always be perfect blood pressure and clear arteries. 

Unfortunately, circulation issues can become a concern for people who are carrying extra weight or spend a lot of time on the couch. 

In other words… a good portion of the older population.  

But you don’t have to worry about circulation issues… or what comes with them. 

Because I’ve found a solution that can give you squeaky clean, clear arteries… starting in just 8 hours. 

Blood clotting? Try THIS 8-hour solution 

Over my three decades as a medical doctor, I’ve uncovered cutting-edge, science-backed solutions that can slow down – and even reverse – the aging process. 

I never stop looking for the next GREAT health solution – which ironically often comes in the form of an ancient cure. 

My latest discovery is no different – and I’ve made it the key ingredient in my new healthy circulation product called CircuDefense.

The Japanese have been using a fermented soybean product called natto for thousands of years to promote heart and vascular health. 

During fermentation, an enzyme called nattokinase is produced – and nattokinase has been shown to help promote healthy blood flow. 

That’s why I’ve included the most potent form of nattokinase in CircuDefense. It’s called NSK-SD. 

NSK-SD has been proven to help balance the protein your body uses to maintain healthy blood flow. In one double-blind study, patients given NSK-SD showed improved blood pressure readings… after only 8 HOURS! 

I’ve also added a little-known compound called cordiose, which has been shown to help keep arteries flexible and improve blood flow. 

One study showed that it can help open your arteries a full 32% to allow your blood to flow freely – and it helps improve circulation in just 21 days. 

Ultimately, CircuDefense provides a powerful nutrient line-up that has been proven to help: 

  • MAINTAIN healthy blood clotting 
  • REVERSE aging arteries 
  • IMPROVE blood flow 
  • BALANCE blood thickness 

In other words, exactly what you need for clean, clear arteries. 

And it all starts in JUST 8 HOURS. 

If your heart health isn’t what it could be, and if your arteries aren’t clear and flowing freely, you’re in luck. 

With CircuDefense, you’ll be helping your body maintain healthy clotting – just like it was meant to. 

So, if you’re ready for healthy circulation – starting in JUST 8 HOURS – CLICK HERE to reserve your supply of CircuDefense. 

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