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Help grow new, discomfort-free joints... while you SLEEP?!

Do aching joints keep you up at night… and keep you from waking up feeling great?

You shouldn’t have to dread getting up in the morning because you know you’ll be stiff and sore.

Because there’s a way to help your overworked joints grow YOUNGER… while you sleep!

You see, your brain produces a compound that can help stimulate the growth of healthy new cartilage in your overworked joints.

This potent natural substance works as part of the natural healing processes that happen every night…while you’re deep asleep.

In animal studies, over time, it helped replaced joint tissue– cell by cell.

But to undo that daily wear and tear to your overworked joints… and help “replace” your aging knees and hips at the cellular level… GH has got to be activated in just the right way.

My colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals have come up with a way to do just that…

With the help of this nutritional formula, you can enjoy life with joints that are smooth, comfortable, and flexible.

The night shift

The natural brain substance I’m talking about is growth hormone (GH).

Most scientists have had NO CLUE what GH can do for seniors… until recently.

It turns out that GH helps form new, soft cartilage in your joints by stimulating the production of cells called chondrocytes.

That’s right, GH can actually help rebuild your joints

But only if NOTHING hinders its natural joint-healing power.

Fortunately, HSI’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Allan Spreen has found a way to clear a path for GH to work its magic — FREE of obstacles.

It’s called LunaFlex PM.

And when it comes to joint comfort, it’s a real game-changer!

It’s got the perfect blend of ingredients to tackle the three biggest challenges seniors face when it comes to repairing worn joints.

Simply remove these obstacles… and you can wake up every morning with your joints in better shape than when you went to sleep!

Here’s how LunaFlex PM uniquely addresses the top three factors that can SABOTAGE your overnight joint repair:

  1. Excess inflammation: Help regulate the COX-2 enzyme with an extract that slashed overall joint discomfort by 45% in one study on people. And it started working within just two hours!
  2. collagen deficiency: LunaFlex PMfeatures a cutting-edge form of collagen that’s significantly reduced night time discomfort and morning stiffness… and provided 240% more relief than glucosamine and chondroitin… in clinical studies.
  3. poor quality of sleep: Increase the essential slow-wave sleep that stimulates growth hormone with the only herbal sleep aid backed by double-blind clinical trials.

With this three-pronged approach, LunaFlex PM helps turn each night into a healing miracle for your overworked joints…

And 90 days from now, your overworked joints could be so comfortable… all day AND night… you’d SWEAR they were brand new!

If you’re ready to get the most out of your body’s natural GH production… and help activate the joint-rebuilding power that’s ALREADY in your body… click here to get started.

Prepare to FINALLY wake up refreshed… and feeling better than when you go to bed!