Turn back the clock and recharge your brain!

Call it “brain fog” or a “senior moment.” Whatever label you want to pin on this kind of mental block, it’s annoying and can be downright embarrassing.

Maybe you’ve tried those memory games or used tricks such as associating a name with something so you’ll remember it. Or perhaps you’re doing what a friend of mine does — she has so many sticky notes on her computer that I’m not sure she can see the screen anymore!

I know, it would be great to be able to turn back the clock on your brain to the time when you didn’t need to write everything down immediately… or else it’s history.

But what if there were an answer, a way to cut through the fog to feel sharp and clear-headed again – the way you used to?

Well, thanks to an amazing discovery by one of the leading minds in medicine, you can! It’s possible to boost your brain power and go back to the good old days when being sharp as a tack was your norm.

‘Neuro nutrients’

You’ve heard the expression “good things take time”… well, here’s a perfect example!

For decades, HSI panel member Dr. Glenn Rothfeld, a practicing physician with over 35 years’ worth of integrative medical expertise and chief medical adviser for Real Advantage Nutrients, has been researching what happens to our brains as we age.

He and his team have not only been able to pinpoint the root causes of brain fog and those dreaded senior moments… but also discover how to counteract them.

And it all has to do with brain shrinkage. That’s right, like that favorite sweater that somehow ended up in the dryer, at some point we’ll all have incredible shrinking brains!

It happens to everyone eventually, with studies showing that after age 60 your brain can reportedly shrink close to one percent a year. That may not sound like a whole lot, but if you do the math, it gets scary.

When the brain shrinks, it doesn’t necessarily cause you to lose the things you learned when you were younger, but it can prevent you from soaking up new information. That “where did I put the (fill in the blank?)” scenario!

Dr. Rothfeld investigated numerous compounds looking for ones that could counteract that shrinkage. And he discovered several “neuro nutrients” that produced amazing results.

But he didn’t stop there. He combined them in one amazing product (and a very tiny pill!) called NeuroBrin.

The first ingredient comes from an odd-looking yellow flower.

In Europe and its native South Africa, the people know how it can help improve focus, attention, and ability to multitask.

They’ve even experienced more energy, lower stress levels, and better sleep!

And all it takes is the same length of time as one episode of 60 Minutes.

That’s right, just an hour!

The next ingredient in NeuroBrin is an herb that boosts both the strength and speed of vital brain neurons — which makes it easier to retain new information with ease.

And you know what that means: no more lost glasses or car keys!

The herb is actually an exotic type of moss, and it works directly on your brain chemicals, particularly one that’s been associated with both memory and learning. Imagine learning guitar or picking up a new language… and having it be a breeze.

Believe it or not, this second “neuro nutrient” can help reclaim your mind as the “steel trap” it once was.

If you don’t already know, Dr. Rothfeld and I are both published by NewMarket Health. But I wouldn’t tell you about NeuroBrin if I didn’t truly believe it could help you to boost your brain power, clear the fog, and put those senior moments behind you!

The response to NeuroBrin in the last few days has already been incredible, and I know the supplies won’t last long. You can learn more details about NeuroBrin and claim your bottle right here.