Make stiff and aching joints a thing of the past!

How many times have you dragged yourself through the day with stiff, sore, overworked knees, shoulders, or hips (maybe all three!)… and then, of course, still couldn’t get comfortable once you hit the sack?

‘Bout pulls the plug on a good night’s sleep, huh?

But setting yourself free from achy joint pain and discomfort both day and night isn’t “the impossible dream” (no matter how unattainable it may seem).

In fact, you can turn back the clock to the days when you slept like a baby AND woke up pain-free, ready to take on the day ahead.

And you’ll be SHOCKED at how easy it is!

Night and day

I’ll admit it: I’m 68 years young and no stranger to stiff, painful joints.

But after years of research, I’ve found just the right combination of nutrients for while you’re out and about (in what I call “day mode”) AND while you’re sleeping (in “night mode”).

And I’ve developed an amazingly easy way for you to get both in one combination pack.

My team at NorthStar Nutritionals and I have worked to combine both the day-mode and night-mode ingredients you need in order to have more flexible, comfortable joints at your fingertips in our new Omni-Joint 24.

Consisting of two distinct formulas that you take at different times of day — one in the morning and another before bedtime — Omni-Joint 24 makes it easy for you to stay pain-free around the clock!

Now, most of the formulas you’ll find out there only focus on supporting your overworked joints during the day. But the MOST important time of your body’s clock is at NIGHT!

With Omni-Joint 24, however, you’ll get one of the best natural remedies to get your Zzzz’s — an herb that’s been used since ancient times to help deliver deep, restful sleep. (Hint: It’s NOT melatonin!)

And with the help of yet another nutrient in Omni-Joint 24, you can literally reset your “body clock”… AND turn back time to when your joints were stronger and more flexible… without all that creaking and stiffness.

Here’s what makes this such a sweet deal: IT goes to work while YOU’RE snoozing away!

Now, if getting a full eight hours were enough to soothe joint pain, so many of us wouldn’t wake up feeling like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

Your body needs OTHER nutrients, too — for while the sun is shining!

That’s why I’ve also included just the right natural compounds that can help you get out of bed in the morning with an “ah” and not an “ugh”… and KEEP you from groaning and wincing as you go about your day.

And you’ll find that combination of nutrients in our daytime formula, which can help keep you loose, limber, and COMFORTABLE as you go about your day.

But you won’t get COMPLETE, 24/7 relief unless you get ALL of these nutrients in just the right amounts — and when your body needs them most.

Now, OF COURSE I’d never have you hopping from store to store looking for these amazing nutrients. That’s why I’ve done the work for you… and put them together in one soothing solution to your aching woes.

Day by day… and night by night… you’ll be restoring and rebuilding your knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, and elbows so you can live life to the fullest without being a PRISONER in a body that won’t let you do what you want.

So why continue being a SLAVE to AGING?

You can learn more about how to reset your “body clock” with Omni-Joint 24 — or place an order for the twofer — right here.