At last -- the real prostate relief you’ve been looking for

It’s a problem most guys don’t want to talk about.

But seriously, it’s no secret why so many dinners, movies, and family get-togethers find you sneaking out and scouting around for the nearest bathroom… and why long car trips are out of the question!

Then there’s getting up during the night to “go.” Sleeping through the night is a distant memory by now.

No doubt you’ve probably tried every prostate support formula you could find… and still don’t get any real relief when you finally do find that restroom.

But thanks to one of the leading minds in natural medicine, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

This remarkable breakthrough could not only keep you from needing to take all those bathroom breaks… but also have you sleeping better than you have in years.

Back to the future

Somehow, a lot of the common things we took for granted not that long ago seem to be slipping away as we get older.

And guys, at the top of the list for you is the simple act of peeing. Who would have thought this most basic part of life could get so annoying?

But I want to share with you the news of an amazing prostate formula that was just released by my friend and colleague, HSI panel member Dr. Glenn Rothfeld.

It’s called ProSupport PM, and it combines key ingredients that will allow you to finally sleep through the night. (Bet you didn’t think that was possible again!)

And not only that… but to “go” and actually get the job done.

ProSupport PM is different from what you’ll find in the typical prostate support formula.

First, of course, it contains saw palmetto, an herbal remedy you may have already heard of. But here’s something you should know about that ingredient: While you may find it in other prostate products, often manufacturers will use a version that’s not even close to being as potent as what is used in ProSupport PM.

To be really effective, the saw palmetto must be a “berry only” extract that’s standardized to 85 percent fatty acids — not the ground-up leaves and stems that’s still called “saw palmetto” on other product labels.

Next, Dr. Rothfeld has included an extract of an African tree called Pygeum africanum. That ingredient has been found — all on its own — to reduce overall prostate symptoms by 64 percent!

Then you’ll find nettle root, an extract from a thorny bush that’s native to Europe, along with a cranberry extract that has been found to up your flow of urine by over 11 percent.

Now, if that was the entire formula of ProSupport PM, it would be pretty amazing. But here’s where this product leaves all the others in the dust.

Dr. Rothfeld added another safe and well-known natural compound, something you’ll easily recognize by its commonly-used name: melatonin.

That’s right, the melatonin that many of us take all on its own to get a good night’s sleep!

But here’s something amazing you probably don’t know about melatonin — it can help by relaxing the muscles around your bladder.

And that makes the link between melatonin and your prostate health pretty powerful. In fact, it’s been found that older guys who have higher levels of melatonin have healthier prostates. Dr. Rothfeld and his team at Real Advantage Nutrients are offering eAlert readers a no-risk chance to try ProSupport PM with a full money-back guarantee.

In case you don’t already know, Dr. Rothfeld and I are both published by NewMarket Health. But I wouldn’t tell you about ProSupport PM if I didn’t believe it was an amazing product that can give you the rest and relief you need.

You can get more details on ProSupport PM right here.