The best flu prevention out there isn’t the flu shot!

Once again, the CDC has released its late-winter warnings about the flu.

You don’t need to even read it, because it’s practically the same one sent out year after year. Basically, flu activity is spiking… seniors are at the biggest risk… and if you haven’t been jabbed with a flu vaccine yet, you should still get one.

At the same time, another CDC press release has revealed that this year’s flu shot is giving simply “moderate” protection. And if you happen to fall into the category of an “older adult,” you should expect to get well below that.

Of course, all these official statements make it a point to avoid ever mentioning flu shot side effects. And that’s leaving out a big, frightening piece of information that these federal flu-vaccine pushers definitely don’t want you to hear about.

Well, here’s something else they would rather you didn’t hear: A new study has provided the “first definitive evidence” of a flu fighter that’s completely natural, non-toxic, and even free.

I’m talking about good old vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin.”

Now that’s the kind of flu protection you should be lining up for!

Undeniable evidence

While it’s been well known that vitamin D has long been linked to good health, there’s now “definitive evidence” of the link between vitamin D and flu prevention. One expert said that this new research makes the “case undeniable” that everyone should be taking their daily D supplements.

Researchers from the Queen Mary University of London conducted what’s being called the biggest look to date at clinical trials all over the world — ones that involved nearly 11,000 people.

And what they found is that not only can vitamin D protect you against colds and the flu, but that it’s most effective when your levels of D are low to begin with.

But here’s the kicker — deficiencies in vitamin D are practically an epidemic, affecting around 85 percent of Americans.

And — spoiler alert — you’re probably among them.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy anymore to know for sure. Several years ago, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) decided that checking vitamin D levels was unnecessary and that by cutting out routine D testing, insurance companies will save billions in blood tests and treatments.

Seriously? I mean one of the ways to up your D levels is to simply step outside on a sunny day and expose your skin to sunlight. Last time I checked there wasn’t a charge for that.

And, of course, with spring approaching fast, it’s getting easier to get out in the sunshine (without sunscreen) for around 15 minutes a day to keep your D levels high — and it won’t cost you a penny!

Even so, D supplements are about the cheapest ones you can find.

But despite how misguided — and dangerous — its advice is, the panel of experts that make up the USPSTF definitely has your doctor’s ear.

So that means the next time he’s bending your ear about the flu shot, you may have to remind him that we now have confirmation of how vitamin D can help us dodge the flu — with none of the side effects that come with the flu shot.

Since we know that D can protect us against such a wide range of illnesses, the bottom line is that there’s no reason not to stay on top of your levels. This vitamin is practically a super-hero!

In addition to taking supplements and soaking up the sun, you can also get your D by eating fatty fish like tuna and salmon, eggs and mushrooms. But don’t count on getting your daily D from fortified milk. You’d need to drink around 14 cups of milk a day to reach what should be your minimum daily recommended amount of around 2,000 mg.

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