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A little girl, a cat, and the most heartwarming photos you’ll ever see!

You may have heard of Iris Grace, a little girl of five who paints like a master. But by her side every day is her “helper” cat Thula, a feline who knows exactly what her job is!


Study finds astronomical numbers of seniors now in the statin crosshairs

It was research that looked at how many of us over 65 will now be eligible for statin drugs under some new, crazy guidelines. But it turned out to be another case of Press Release Medicine.


The legend of the Christmas pickle!

If you’ve never put a pickle on your Christmas tree, maybe it’s about time you did! Read how this tradition may have started and why you should include a pickle among your favorite ornaments.


Are kids are being held hostage to benefit Big Pharma?

Drug trials that need child “subjects” are now going on all over the country. So how do innocent children end up becoming lab rats?


A new bill aims to protect children from being used in medical experiments

Children who are “taken” and in the custody of the state are the most valuable commodity there is to Big Pharma. See how a bipartisan group of representatives is trying to stop these helpless kids from being used as guinea pigs in risky experiments.


The government's new way to keep us ‘literate' about medical issues.

According to the FDA, 88 percent of us don’t know what in the world we’re doing when it comes to our health. And of course, they’re here to help!


It’s a shocking way the authorities can turn parents or grandparents into criminals. Here’s what you should know about this corrupt system that can strip you of your rights to do what’s best for your child.