The simple secret to restoring the energy you thought was gone for good

You probably know someone who is always full of energy, ready to get going, and do whatever needs to be done. On top of that they always seem cheery, ready to tackle anything, and in a really good mood.

So why do you feel like you always seem to be ‘running on empty’?

Maybe it’s because you are.

Think of it as trying to drive a car when it’s out of gas. No matter how much coffee you pour in the tank, it won’t make that car run.

But while you go around feeling like you’re that car and you’re running on fumes every day, there’s something you probably never even think about.

Your adrenal glands.

Think of them as a sort of internal-combustion engine. And no matter what you try, if they aren’t functioning at peak levels, neither will you.

But there is good news: your adrenals not only can be refueled, but given a total tune-up. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily that could have you feeling like your old self again — or maybe even better than before!

First, it’s not your fault. Our bodies were originally designed to find food to eat and to avoid being eaten! That’s how our “flight or fight” response developed. It was a tough existence, but believe it or not, we’re under more stress today than our cavemen ancestors were. Sure, they used up large amounts of energy running for their lives, but then they got to relax!

And that’s something we never seem to be able to do.

It’s the constant stress of everyday life that’s literally burning your adrenals out. And all those things you reach for when you’re looking for something to get you through the day — like coffee or sweet snacks — well that just makes matters worse. Those pick-me-ups actually end up stealing more energy from your adrenals.

And it isn’t just your energy levels that depend on your adrenals. Ignoring them could lead to brain fog, trouble sleeping, moodiness, headaches and muscle weakness.

Before you get ready for the big lecture, don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you to lower your stress level. It might be good advice, but it’s not going to happen. So here’s something you can actually do — something we’re just learning about it here in the U.S.

They’ve been using this discovery in Russia, of all places, for over half a century, giving it to their Olympic athletes, astronauts and even military leaders. (Maybe Putin has taken a little too much!)

The power of this Siberian secret to jitter-free energy is now available in the U.S. and available for everyday folks like you and me.

Dr. Spreen and the team at NorthStar Nutritionals have taken this secret to a new level — by making it the centerpiece of a new energy support formula called Peak Adrenal X6.

This exclusive formula may be able to shield you against the effects of all this stress — so your adrenals can finally recover. And when that happens your energy levels could soar!

Dr. Spreen’s energy formula starts with the purest and most potent Siberian Ginseng (also known as Eleuthero). Now don’t confuse Siberian Ginseng with other types, such as Asian or American Ginseng. Siberian Ginseng is so different from the others, experts say it’s not even in the same family of plants.

Eleuthero is part of a family of herbs called adaptogens. These remarkable herbs have the unique ability to help calm you and boost your energy levels at the same time.

And Peak Adrenal X6 has not one, but four of these adaptogenic herbs to support your adrenal function. This exclusive formula also contains a custom blend of energy vitamins, a legendary Russian berry called schisandra, and a powerful Indian herb, another adaptogen called Ashwagandha.

In case you don’t already know, Dr. Spreen and I both work for NewMarket Health. So that’s why I know about this new formula. But it isn’t the only reason I’m telling you about it. I genuinely believe it could make a real difference in how you feel you every day.

Click here to learn how Peak Adrenal X6 could help clear that brain fog, get rid of your moodiness, allow you to sleep like a baby at night — and most importantly — give you that energy and alertness back that you thought was gone for good.


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