"What if it's not your prostate?" Men, the answer to that question could be the key to your urine flow problems

Think of all the medical “facts” we’ve believed over the years, only to find out later that they’re myths.

“Feed a fever. Starve a cold.” Complete myth, of course. Fevers AND colds need nourishment.

“High cholesterol causes heart attacks.” Huge myth! Unfortunately, many people still haven’t seen the light.

Recently, Dr. Spreen busted another medical misconception for me. He asked this question… “What health problem is linked with reduced urine flow in men over 50?”

Easy one, right? The prostate. A common challenge in older men.

But then Dr. Spreen surprised me with this question… “What if it’s not the prostate?”

When he told me the answer, I could only shake my head. It was one of those moments when you say, “Of course! So obvious!”

Prostate health is a key issue in normal urine flow. But it isn’t the only critical part.

If you’re a man who’s struggling with urine flow, it may be time to put Dr. Spreen’s question to the test… “What if it’s not your prostate?” The answer could provide a simple solution to this complex issue.

Find out more about the prostate misconception by watching this short presentation by Dr. Spreen.

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