A breakthrough in joint comfort even exceeds chondroitin and glucosamine

When I was in college, I had a wonderful teacher, Mr. Anderson, who everyone liked. He was probably only 50 or so, but his knees gave him fits. Not literally fits, but you know what I mean.

Stairs were an ordeal. The walk from his office to classroom was a slow go. He would occasionally sigh (or wince) and say, “The knees go first, kid. Everything follows after.”

Years later, I know what he means. Fortunately, I’m not having knee problems. (Not yet, anyway!) But I know several people who do. And whenever I see them struggling, I hear Mr. Anderson’s voice… “The knees go first, kid…”

I happened to see Mr. Anderson a few years after graduation and he seemed to be getting around a little better. He told me he was trying something new on the market. And this was the first time I heard the words chondroitin and glucosamine. It was Greek to me, but working for him, apparently.

I’m sad to say, I’ve lost contact with Mr. Anderson. I heard he retired and moved to the Florida Keys. I can only hope that he’s reading this or, through some other source, hears about a remarkable new way to help keep your joints healthy and comfortable.

The key to this revolutionary joint support is UC-II® collagen. It’s actually part of the substance that helps knees and other joints absorb shock. It also helps prompt cartilage repair. And in one trial, it provided more than twice the relief of chondroitin and glucosamine!

Dr. Mark Stengler has formulated a joint support supplement, using UC-II as the primary ingredient. It’s called Joint Performance Plus, and it combines UC-II with ingredients that include powerful antioxidants, as well as nutrients included to promote a healthy inflammatory response.

Even if my legal eagles didn’t insist, I would want to make sure you know that HSI receives a commission from one of our affiliated companies if you buy Joint Performance Plus. But that certainly isn’t the reason I wanted to tell you about it.

No…I remember Mr. Anderson. I might not be able to let him know what this could do for his knees, but I can certainly help you find out about it.

You can learn more about Joint Performance Plus right here.

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