Multivitamin users -- we're a wild and crazy bunch!

Multivitamin users — we’re a wild and crazy bunch!

Recent research from Taiwan shows that multivitamin use may result in a false sense of invulnerability. According to the Taiwan team, that sense of being way too empowered may prompt supplement users to exercise poor judgment, including less desire for exercise, a desire to eat “buffet-meals,” and “hedonic activities” which include “casual sex, sunbathing, wild parties, excessive drinking, etc.”

The lead researcher refers to this as “the curse of licensed self-indulgence.”

Okay…a couple of things…

Some of the subjects in this study were as young as 18, which probably accounts, at least in part, for the interest in casual sex, wild parties, etc. (I’ve never heard a middle-age person say, “I’ve really got to stop using multivitamins. The casual sex and sunbathing are getting out of hand.”)

And then there’s the excessive drinking. Funny how THAT item doesn’t get any of the blame for the wild parties.

And finally, here’s the most laughable thing about this study: Whenever well-designed research shows supplement benefits, you can always count on some mainstream guru to dismiss any perceived benefits as the result of the healthy habits of the type of person who takes supplements.

Too funny.

If you’d like some evidence-based reality about multivitamin use, you can read all about it here.

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