Januvia Linked with Acute Pancreatitis

Are you willing to die to keep your blood sugar in check?

Popular diabetes drug Januvia (and related drug Janumet) has been linked with acute pancreatitis – a potentially life-threatening illness with severe complications.

According to the FDA, 88 cases of this dangerous condition have been reported… including two cases of hemorrhagic or necrotizing pancreatitis.

Merck, manufacturer of this dangerous drug, disputes the FDA’s conclusion that their drug has anything to do with the pancreatitis, according to Reuters, despite the fact that about half of the stricken patients recovered when they stopped taking the drug.

Bottom line: If you take Januvia or Janumet to control your diabetes, talk with your doctor to see if another medication might work just as well – and be much safer – for you. And you can visit the HSI archives to learn about a natural diabetes remedy that may just eliminate your need for any dangerous drugs all together.