August 2004 - Health Sciences Institute - Official Site

The effects of yoga among Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients

I've only had about four yoga sessions, but already the pain has been reduced, and I've also been feeling a little more energized. So when I came across a study that examined the effects of yoga on fatigue and mood among multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, I was intrigued, because the management of MS symptoms has been an important focus at HSI for several years.


Association between breast cancer risk and carbohydrate intake

So the elevated risk was actually associated with the highest intake of the worst type of carbs: refined simple carbohydrates (such as pastry, soft drinks, cookies, etc.). In fact, women who had the highest intake of insoluble fiber (such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains) had a slightly decreased risk of breast cancer.


Smokers benefit from an antioxidant-rich diet

Most cigarette smokers eventually realize that if they ever want to attain optimal health, the cigarettes have to go.

But until the day comes when that last pack of cigarettes gets tossed away, there's something smokers can do that may help reduce their risk of lung cancer: get plenty of antioxidants.


Important health care questions

When it comes to the last word in health care, here's an easy acronym to remember: ART.

A… Ask questions.
R… Research
T… Take control of your health care.


Dealing with sleep apnea

People with sleep apnea certainly do snore, but during their sleep they actually stop breathing, sometimes as many as a hundred times per night, with each episode lasting a minute or longer.


Drug expiration dates

Whenever you hear FDA officials warn against purchasing inexpensive drugs from Canada or other foreign countries, one of the primary dangers they cite is the possibility that the expiration dates for the drugs may have passed.


Benefits of vitamin D

Want another reason to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D?