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After stroke therapies

This Week in the HSI Forum

“I think we’ve been severely underestimating the body’s ability to heal.”

That observation comes from an HSI member named Gerry in a thread titled “After stroke therapies anyone?” which appears in the HSI Forum this week. A member who calls himself The Skipper starts the thread off with this message:

“I have a friend who has suffered a stroke (about 3 months ago) and has lost much of the use of her right side (arm, leg, etc). Is there something that can be done to restore some or all of the control of these areas?”

“Oxygen,” says a member named Jerry. “Get her into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber as soon as possible. The sooner the better. The loss of motor control can be reversed with just a few treatments.” And a member named Jo suggests: “Acupuncture helps to restore muscle and nerve function after strokes. Treatment should, ideally, begin two weeks following the stroke, for best results. It can start any time after that, of course, but the results may not be quite so good.”

Gerry suggests that a long-chain fatty alcohol called octacosanol (found in sugar cane and wheat germ) may reverse stroke paralysis, and adds that an acquaintance regained normal function of paralyzed limbs after several weeks of taking tienchi – a type of ginseng.

A member named Adria writes, “I have a friend, 69; she had stroke 3 1/2 years ago & everything is slowly getting worse. Could these supplements help after so long a time?” To which Gerry replies, “I would not put a time limit on the body’s ability to recover. I think we’ve been severely underestimating the body’s ability to heal.”

Gerry pops up frequently in this thread. And when a member named Randee mentions that she had “amazing” results in relieving paralysis by using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Gerry notes that EFT is a form of acupressure, which he has used to improve his eyesight. (EFT can be used to address a number of chronic health problems.)

A member named Rolf explains how he helped reduce a friend’s paralysis with a four-step plan that consisted of a potent vitamin/mineral antioxidant formula, fish oil, coenzyme Q10, and grape seed extract.

A tincture of cayenne may help stroke victims, according to a member who identifies himself with the initials MDS. He writes, “My dad (now 100) had a stroke about 12 years ago, and took some cayenne pepper in some water, drank it down. The next day when an MRI was done, they found the vessel in his brain where the clot had swelled the vessel slightly, but the clot was gone. He had some speech therapy for awhile, due to a weakness in his jaw, but now has no residual effects.” MDS adds that cayenne needs to be used, “either during a stroke or within the first two or three hours to minimize cellular damage to the brain.”

A member named Tressa suggests other therapies that might be useful when taken immediately after a stroke, including, nattokinase, aspirin, and DMSO. But Gerry cautions: “I would doubt the effectivity of aspirin. In fact, it might cause more harm.” And that opinion is confirmed by a study examined in the e-Alert “Double-Edged Wonder” that I sent you earlier this week (see Wednesday, below).

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