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Dear Member,

Often, when searching for the latest breakthroughs in alternative health, we come across products and treatments that are time-tested and highly effective but little-known. These amazing products and treatments are completely ignored by the medical mainstream-to the detriment of those suffering from the diseases they combat.

In this issue, we’re going to introduce you to three such breakthroughs: Padma 28, Cernilton, and enzyme potentiated desensitization (EPD). We debated whether or not to cover them-since none of them is, properly speaking, a recent health breakthrough (though they all can claim exciting new developments). Eventually, however, we agreed that all three are urgent and virtually ignored treatments that offer real hope to people suffering from intermittent claudication (leg pain that increases with walking), an enlarged prostate, and bothersome allergies respectively. Not only have these treatments worked in clinical practice, but they have numerous lab tests proving their effectiveness. You shouldn’t have to wait another day to hear about the benefits they provide.

But there’s more to be said. While Cernilton and EPD are readily available to the American public, Padma 28 is not. Thanks to the FDA and its endless crusade to do everything in its power to keep you from helping yourself, Padma 28 will be difficult to get. Here’s the heart of the problem: Getting a drug approved by the FDA costs over $200 million. As we’ve told you before, big pharmaceutical companies won’t fork out that kind of money unless they can then get a patent on the drug and recoup their investment. Unfortunately, natural products (like Padma 28) can’t be patented, so no drug company could ever make back its investment. For this reason, Padma 28 will never be approved by the FDA.

And because Padma 28 is unapproved, it can’t make any disease-cure claims in its advertising or on its container (no matter how many double-blind placebo tests prove its effectiveness). In fact, in 1987-1988, the FDA seized Padma 28 from three U.S. suppliers, claiming the treatment made medical claims without FDA approval (which, remember, the Tibetan herbs can likely never obtain).

Think about that. Your tax dollars are going to pay for the seizure of a proven treatment not because it was harmful or dangerous, but because the government didn’t like the choice of words on the bottle.

So, if you want to get Padma 28, and take advantage of its demonstrated success in treating intermittent claudication, you’ll have to order the product directly from the supplier in England. It’s a shame that FDA shenanigans are forcing the sick to jump through hoops to get well, but that’s the situation we face these days. And that’s why we’re here-so you can avoid the hoops altogether.

Until next month,

Jenny Thompson

Correction: In the April 2000 issue, there was a misprint on page 4, second column, last paragraph of the page. The sentence reads, “However, in the November 1999 issue of HSI, we
told you about the results of two studies suggesting that lactoferrin, an iron-building found in bovine colostrum” The word “iron-building” should read “iron-binding.”

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Care Diem: (Tocotrienol), Aspen Benefits Group, 2500A Government Way, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814; tel. (877)432-7891 or (208)665-1882; fax (208)665-2081; www.carediem.com.

Cernilton, Graminex, 95 Midland Rd., Saginaw, MI 48603; tel. (877)472-6469 or (517)797-5502; Website: www.Graminex.com.

Elson Haas, The False Fat Diet: The Revolutionary 21-Day Program for Losing the Weight You Think is Fat (Ballantine Books, New York: 2000), is available at most major bookstores ($24.00, hardcover).

Enzyme potentiated desensitization, to receive a list of doctors who perform EPD, call us at (800)981-7157 or (410)223-2611; HSI Member Services, EPD List, 819 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201.

Padma 28, Nutri Center USA, 180 Park Rd., Suite 118, Oviedo, FL 32765; tel. (800)701-8648.