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Merck plays the Gardasil guilt card, but smart parents won’t buy it July 7, 2016

It’s the most disgusting push ever to force HPV vaccines on millions of kids. And, trust me, I thought I’d seen them all. Since the day they hit the market, I’ve been warning you about the dangers — including death — that have been linked to HPV shots like Gardasil. Now Gardasil maker Merck is […]

Attempt to make people less afraid of vaccines backfires, big-time June 20, 2016

It looks like they might have to start calling Missouri the “Don’t show me state” — at least as far as vaccines are concerned. For years I’ve been telling you that the more people know about the risks of vaccines, the less likely they are to agree to them. But a group of University of […]

For your brain’s sake, beware of aluminum in food, drugs and cosmetics June 13, 2016

Can you guess how researchers give laboratory rats Alzheimer’s disease? It’s simple — they just feed them aluminum! That’s right, aluminum. The same metal that’s used in food and drugs, pots and pans and applied to our underarms every day. For years we’ve known that aluminum can be toxic for our brains. Now, a group […]

Gardasil shot claims another victim May 19, 2016

It’s the most dangerous vaccine on the planet — and it looks like it’s just killed again. Ever since the HPV shot Gardasil hit the market, I’ve been warning you about children who were left crippled — or even dead — shortly after getting the vaccine. Now a 13-year-old schoolgirl from England may be the […]

Dangerous HPV vaccines facing major lawsuit in Japan April 21, 2016

Since the day they hit the market, I’ve been warning you about the dangers of so-called HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix. And I’ve told you how drug companies and our government have tried to sweep the risks under the rug, even as kids turned up bedridden, paralyzed, and even dead after getting the shots. Now […]

Gardasil inventor unleashing new, dangerous shot March 16, 2016

It’s like a sequel to the most frightening horror movie we’ve ever seen. Ever since the first drop of Gardasil rolled off the Merck production line, I’ve been warning you about its dangers. And I’ve shared with you the stories of girls around the world who ended up in wheelchairs — or even dead — […]

Maryland school kids may become the next crop of Gardasil guinea pigs February 25, 2016

Other states have introduced dangerous legislation under the guise of protecting kids (you and I know it’s really just a ploy to sell more Gardasil). But now it looks like my home state may be planning the most dangerous, scheming assault of any state — and we may have just days to stop it. I’ve […]