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How accurate are drug expiration dates? Some are off the mark by decades!

First, there’s a surprise. Then… a very unsettling shock.

In a new study, researchers tested potency on expired drugs. All the drugs had been sitting, unopened, on a pharmacy shelf.

In 14 samples, 12 retained potency of 90% or more.

Now for the surprise…

Eight of the 12 samples were 40 YEARS past the expiration date.

That’s right… They supposedly expired during the Nixon administration!

Amazing, right? And then the shock sets in…

These drugs sat on shelves for decades. At any time, a pharmacist might have opened and dispensed them.

And that’s the REAL story behind this study. Sure, the potency stayed high. But isn’t that the scary part?

If something that sat on a shelf for 40 years hasn’t deteriorated, what the heck are we swallowing?!

“What Expiration? Your Drugs May Last A Long Time” Ed Silverman, Pharmalot, 10/9/12,

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